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Synanthropic plants in green areas

The origin of this word comes from the Greek: "syn" means "together with" "anthro" means "man, human" so "together with a man". A synanthrope  is a member of a species of wild animals and plants which live near humans and at the same time benefit from that and are ecologically associated with humans. Among plants,… Continue reading Synanthropic plants in green areas

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Implementation of Howard’s idea of garden city

  In my last article I have written about Howard's idea of a garden city. It hasn't finished on the theoretical idea but there were (and are) quite many attempts to realize Howard’s ideas in practice. The most famous ones were: Letchworth, projected by Raymond Unwin and Barry Parker in England near London. The construction… Continue reading Implementation of Howard’s idea of garden city

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Howard’s garden city

For centuries people tried to improve their houses to create more friendly environment for living. The problems of living conditions increased in XIX century and were connected with rapid growth of industrial areas and big cities. Therefore one can observed increased number of proposals of solutions or at least the searches for them. The significant… Continue reading Howard’s garden city