Historical gardens

Difference between Arabic and European fountains

The water is an important and essential part in almost all garden types and styles and plays a few various roles. It is quite often presented in the form of a fountain, which was used for many centuries in different parts of the world. Still there is a distinctive difference between fountains built in Europe and in ancient Persia, following by other Arabic countries.




In European fountain the water (in a form of a jet) is separated from the rest of the construction for at least a moment. In Arabic fountain, the water is always attached to the rest of fountain elements.

Arabic fountain is usually quieter comparing to European one, it rather murmurs and not squirts.

The other distinctive feature is the usage of ornamental elements. There is very limited number of them in Arabic fountains with no human or animal sculptures (which results from Islam religion) , contrary to European fountain, which were are sometime very reach in ornaments (e.g. Baroque ones).


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