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Venice of …..

Do you ever heard about Venice? I think it should be rather asked, who did not hear about this city. But beside this most famous Venice located in Italy, there are a few places all over the world, which are called Venice or rather “Venice of …”. . A few of them have a unique… Continue reading Venice of …..

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Synanthropic plants in green areas

The origin of this word comes from the Greek: "syn" means "together with" "anthro" means "man, human" so "together with a man". A synanthrope  is a member of a species of wild animals and plants which live near humans and at the same time benefit from that and are ecologically associated with humans. Among plants,… Continue reading Synanthropic plants in green areas

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Difference between Arabic and European fountains

The water is an important and essential part in almost all garden types and styles and plays a few various roles. It is quite often presented in the form of a fountain, which was used for many centuries in different parts of the world. Still there is a distinctive difference between fountains built in Europe… Continue reading Difference between Arabic and European fountains