Historical gardens · Horticulture

Longest cultivated plants

The first gardens, of which we know at present, existed in ancient Egypt.  In the tomb of Tutankhamen (reigned in 14th century BC) floral wreath were found, consisted among other of olive and willow leaves, lotos, cornflowers and wild celery.

The most typical and well-known species, cultivated by human being since those ancient times are:

  • date palm       Phoenix dactylifera


  • sycamore       Ficus sycomorus


  • grape vine       Vitis vinifera


  • olive tree   Olea europeana


  • tamarix  Tamarix aphylla
  • doum palm  Hyphaene thebaica
  • frankincense (olibanum) tree  Boswellia sacra
  • black mulberry  Morus nigra
  • fig tree  Ficus carica
  • pomegranate  Punica granatum


The species connected inseparably with ancient Egypt:

  • lotos     Nymphaea caerulea  – symbol of Upper Egypt


  • papyrus    Cyperus papyrus  – symbol of Lower Egypt







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